Mouse Pad Perfectly

Without any context, it would be easy to assume that this logo could be for a gym, a new protein powder, or even a tough new training camp! It doesn’t quite make the reach all the way to ”beer soap” and that’s something to keep in mind! No matter how good you are at flexing your design skills, your logo needs to communicate to your audience and make memorable first impressions.
The design, boasting strong reds and blacks, combined with the astute posing of the mascot, immediately and forcibly calls to mind Russian Propaganda posters from the 1920’s and 1930’s. When working with potential design ideas, get them reviewed by a variety of audiences to be better realize of what your design is actively saying or contributing to your brand. After all, you don’t want your brand to end up on a list of logo perspectives you can’t see!
However, Commander Flex can further improve their logo by implementing the design strategy discussed above, including limiting the palette of logos! The other two logos, despite their special design, are still not funny to competitors. Forget plants, lights and oil diffusers. Sometimes the best office decoration is a cool mouse pad, and you want your mouse pad to look great. It’s super easy! Put on your artist hat and get ready to customize some beautiful mouse pads.
So, why?
A nice promotional mouse pad is one of those things you need, but don’t really think about it. Therefore, in many cases, it is a good gift.
Are you a new tech startup or electronics store? Host a big grand opening and give out custom mouse pads to all the visitors. They’ll remember you every time they look down and see your logo.
If you work in real estate, this one’s for you! A mouse pad is like a bigger, better magnet. You can add your name and phone number and get a big bunch of recommendations in the process.
Your employees are hard at work every day and their mouse pad will get worn out over time. Decorate new ones, order them in bulk, and hand them out to everyone in the office.
Regardless of your industry, you should consider having customized mouse pads front and center at your booth. It’s common trade show etiquette to come with something free for the crowd.
People will not be able to resist the eye-catching mouse pad. Sell them at your fundraising events and watch the money flow into your organization!
It may not be a brand new car or a nice pair of earrings, but the promotional mouse pad is still a great gift. All it takes is a cool and compelling design, and people will be excited to receive one!
Have you ever heard of soap made from beer? What would persuade you to try? Sometimes all it takes is a well-brewed brand to sell an unusual product. This month, we’re launching a creative contest for the company commander Flex wholesale paper cup. You guessed it, Commander Flex is a unique company that makes soap out of beer (plus other ingredients).
The soap company expressed the need for an ultra-masculine logo, but with a playful sense of humor. 12 designers showered the company with logo designs and ideas, but only one wrestled its way to the finish line! Looking at three of the top designs below on custom full-color rally towels, so, who do you think will win the first place?
There are a huge number of ways this design could be improved to work even better for the company! There are over 11 colors in this logo, not to mention a very busy background on some of the letters. However, Commander Flex can further improve their logo by implementing the design strategy discussed above, including limiting the palette of logos! The other two, despite their clever designs, are not interesting enough for competitors.


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